Wednesday Worship Service

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April 28, 2021

The Invocation

P: Why look for the living among the dead? The Son of Man was crucified, but on the third day He rose from the dead.
C: Our glorious Redeemer-King lives triumphantly! 

P: Truly this is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. 
C: Let us rejoice and worship our triumphant Lord and King! He is risen!  

P: Let us give honor and praise to the Lord of lords and King of kings as we worship in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and confess our sins to Him.

Confession of Sins

All: Merciful God, I am sinful by nature and filled with doubts and fears. The hope I have in the risen Christ is not always evident in my thoughts, words, and actions. The guilt of sin weighs heavily upon me. I humbly lay this burden before you and ask for your forgiveness through Jesus Christ our Lord who has been raised from the dead and lives eternally.

The Lord’s Absolution

P: Once you were alienated from God and were enemies in your minds because of your evil behavior. But now he has reconciled you by Christ’s physical body through death to present you holy in his sight, without blemish and free from accusation. Therefore, I declare to you all your sins are forgiven in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
  With the assurance from Jesus’ resurrection that Jesus’ blood has cleansed us from all sin, we give thanks and praise to our risen Lord! 

Song of Praise

At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing

At the Lamb’s high feast we sing 
Praise to our victorious King,
Who has washed us in the tide 
Flowing from his pierced side. Alleluia!

Mighty Victim from the sky, 
Hell’s fierce pow’rs beneath you lie.
You have conquered in the fight; 
You have brought us life and light. Alleluia!

Now no more can death appall, 
Now no more the grave enthrall;
You have opened paradise, 
And your saints in you shall rise. Alleluia!

Easter triumph, Easter joy! 
This alone can sin destroy;
From sin’s pow’r, Lord, set us free, 
Newborn souls in you to be. Alleluia!

Father, who the crown shall give, 
Savior, by whose death we live,
Spirit, guide through all our days, 
Three in One, your name we praise. Alleluia!

Prayer of the Day

P: Let us pray.
  O Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Good Shepherd who laid down your life for the sheep. Lead us now to the still waters of your life-giving Word that we may abide in your Father’s house forevermore; for you live and reign with him and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. 
C: Amen. 

The First Lesson – Acts 20:28-32

Peter encourages shepherds to keep watch over his flock.

  Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood. I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. So be on your guard! Remember that for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears.
  Now I commit you to God and to the word of his grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

Verse of the Day

Alleluia. Alleluia. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia. I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me. Alleluia.

The Second Lesson – 1 Peter 5:1-4

Leaders of the church are encouraged to be shepherds.

  To the elders among you, I appeal as a fellow elder, a witness of Christ’s sufferings and one who also will share in the glory to be revealed: Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, serving as overseers – not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not greedy for money, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock. And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away. 

The Gospel – John 10:11-18

P: The Gospel according to John Chapter 10. 

Jesus restores the hope of disciples.  

  “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. The hired hand is not the shepherd who owns the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep.
  “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me – just as the Father knows me and I know the Father – and I lay down my life for the sheep. I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd. The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life—only to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father.”

P: The Gospel of the Lord.

Hymn of the Day

The King of Love My Shepherd Is

The King of love my shepherd is, 
Whose goodness fails me never;
I nothing lack if I am his, 
And he is mine forever.

Where streams of living water flow, 
My Savior gently leads me;
And where the verdant pastures grow, 
With food celestial feeds me.

Confused and foolish oft I strayed, 
But yet in love he sought me
And on his shoulder gently laid 
And home, rejoicing, brought me.

In death’s dark vale I fear no ill 
With you, dear Lord, beside me;
Your rod and staff my comfort still, 
Your cross before to guide me.

You spread a table in my sight, 
A banquet here bestowing;
Your oil of welcome, my delight; 
My cup is overflowing!

And so through all the length of days 
Your goodness fails me never.
Good Shepherd, may I sing your praise 
Within your house forever!

Sermon – 1 Peter 5:1-4

The Chief Shepherd Is Alive

Confession of Faith

He Is Arisen! Glorious Word

He is arisen! Glorious Word! 
Now reconciled is God, my Lord;
The gates of heav’n are open. 
My Jesus did triumphant die,
And Satan’s arrows broken lie, 
Destroyed hell’s fiercest weapon.
Oh, hear what cheer! 
Christ victorious, rising glorious,
Life is giving. 
He was dead, but now is living!

The Presentation of the Offering

Prayer of the Church and the Lord’s Prayer

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours  now and forever. Amen.

The Sacrament


P: The Lord be with you.
C: And also with you.

P: Lift up your hearts.
C: We will lift them up to the Lord.

P: We give you thanks O Lord, for the glorious resurrection of your Son, the true Passover Lamb, who by his sacrifice took away the sins of the world and by his resurrection restored everlasting life. Therefore we praise and thank your glorious name by singing:  

Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord. 
Alleluia, alleluia, give praise to his name.

Jesus is Lord of all the earth;
He is the King of creation.

Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord.
Alleluia, alleluia, give praise to his name.

Words of Institution

P: Our Lord Jesus Christ, on the night he was betrayed, took bread; and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to his disciples saying, “Take and eat; this is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.”

Then he took the cup, gave thanks, and gave it to them saying, “Drink from it, all of you; this is my blood of the new covenant, which is poured out for you for the forgiveness of sins. Do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of me.”

P: The peace of the Lord be with you always.
C: Amen.

O Christ, Lamb of God

O Christ, Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world;
  have mercy on us.
O Christ, Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world;
  have mercy on us.
O Christ, Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world;
  grant us your peace.
Amen. Amen.

Distribution of the Lord’s Supper

Song of Thanksgiving

Alleluia, Alleluia, Give Thanks

Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord.
Alleluia, alleluia, give praise to his name.

Come, let us praise the living God;
Joyfully sing to our Savior.

Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord.
Alleluia, alleluia, give praise to his name.

The Prayer

P: Almighty God, by the glorious resurrection of your Son Jesus Christ you conquered death and opened the gate to eternal life. Grant that we, who have been raised with him through baptism, may walk in the newness of life and ever rejoice in the hope of sharing his glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord who was dead but lives forever. Amen.

The Closing Words – 1 Corinthians 15:55-57

P: “Where, O death, is your victory? 
C: Where, O death, is your sting?”

P: The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. 
C: But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

P: Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 

The Benediction

P: The Lord bless you and keep you.
  The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you.
    The Lord look on you with favor and give you peace.
C: Amen. 

Closing Hymn

The Day of Resurrection

The day of resurrection! 
Earth, tell it out abroad,
The Passover of gladness, 
The Passover of God.
From death to life eternal, 
From this world to the sky,
Our Christ has brought us over 
With hymns of victory.

Our hearts be pure from evil 
That we may see aright
The Lord in rays eternal
Of resurrection light
And, list’ning to his accents, 
May hear, so calm and plain,
His own “All hail!” and, hearing, 
May raise the victor strain.

Now let the heav’ns be joyful; 
Let earth her song begin.
Let all the world keep triumph 
And all that is therein.
Let all things, seen and unseen, 
Their notes of gladness blend;
For Christ the Lord has risen; 
Our joy shall have no end.