Sunday / Wednesday Worship Service

This page looks best if you turn your mobile device sideways (landscape view)

September 20 & 23, 2020

If you haven’t seen this before, please read the following.

The Order of Worship (the “slides”) will be presented using Google Slides. The slides you see on your phone are the same as the ones on the screens in front of church.

You will have control over your copy on your phone. To proceed from one slide to the next, you can either tap the current slide or swipe from right to left. (Tapping on the upper half of the slide works best.)

If you get ahead of where you want to be, you can go back a slide by swiping from left to right.

There are 2 links below. When you click (tap) one, a new tab will open. The Preservice slides should cycle through automatically (10 seconds per slide) without your having to do anything. If you view the preservice slides, close that new tab to return to this page so you can open the main Order of Worship slides for worship time.


Order of Worship